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Online Entrepreneurship Workshop for Latin American Countries

Online IEEE Entrepreneurship Workshop for Latin American countries (May 2021)

Dr. Surya Raghu was the director of an online Entrepreneurship Workshop for Scientists and Engineers from Latin America conducted by IEEE Entrepreneurship in collaboration with IEEE Panama conducted its first online Workshop for Scientists & Engineers from Latin America during the month of May 2021.  22 participants from Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Chile attended the sessions two days (Tue/Thu) a week for 4 weeks and learned about the various aspects of taking an idea to the market.  Several speakers (include names in linked-in) with experience in start-ups provided valuable insights into development of ideas, market analysis, intellectual property, finance, sales and marketing and resources available in Latin America for start-ups.  Relevant needs of the market were addressed by these teams in the areas of water, agriculture, mobile worktable and environment-friendly craft beer production.