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Global Solutions Summit 2023

Global Solutions Summit 2023 was held on May 5, 2023 in conjunction with the United Nations Annual STI Forum in New York during May 2-5, 2023.  Dr. Raghu was a panelist on the session on “Technology Roadmaps and Needs Assessments For Technology Deployment and Sustainable Development”.  The event was chaired by Al Watkins of the Global Solutions Summit and chaired by Prof. Cherry Murray of the University of Arizona, USA.


The details of the forum can be found at  now available on the Global Solutions Summit website  and the UN Website.  


Dr. Raghu’s presentation was on "Creating Technology Roadmaps and Needs Assessments for Technology Deployment and Sustainable Development in Africa”.


The video of the session can be seen on UN TV:

Dr. Raghu’s 10-minute presentation is at 2:12:56.